Complete your meal with one of our delicious homemade desserts - €7.00



Créme Brúlée


A choice of Your classic dish infused with wild berries or la orange

The créme de la créme



Lemon Tart


Served with fresh cream - oh so tarte áu citron



Dark Chocolate Mousse


A light smooth chocolate brandy infused mousse,

 airy and delicious. - A chocoholics delight!



Classic Seasonal Fruit Cheesecake


If your feeling a bit fruity, try our lovely seasonal cheesecake

to end a wonderful evening.



Pam Goes Bananas!


Homemade banana ice cream, spiced banana fritter and banana & chocolate tart



Homemade Ice Cream


Try this to cool you on a hot summers night. Served with a smile



Chefs Medley for 2 - €14.00


If you can't decide on one of the individual dishes above,

let our chef choose a selection of our tantalizing dishes, all on one plate

for a romantic sharing to complete your evening



Cheese Platter with Port 

(€7.00 for one person €11.00 for two)


If you are looking for a more savoury taste to end you perfect evening

try our selection of cheeses





Coffee and Liqueurs


Espresso Coffee - €2.50 or double shot - €4.00


Filter Coffee - €3.00



Liqueur Coffee - €7.00


Enjoy a liqueur coffee of your choice




Tia Maria






Information and reservations contact


00(30) 24270 21877


00(30) 697 188 4249


Or you can email Pam