The Menu


(Plus our Chefs daily special menu)




Mixed Platter For Two €11.00


Parma Ham, Salami, Greek Cheddar Cheese, Liver Pate' , Dips and Pickles and to accompany fresh bread and crackers



The Final Step Salad  (V) €7.50


Crisp salad leaves, spinach, figs, walnuts, mozzarella cheese and topped with Parmesan shavings dressed with a honey and Balsamic dressing.



King Prawn Cocktail €7.50


Classic dish given a modern facelift with pickled cucumber, marinated cherry tomatoes, crisp lettuce and a brandy infused marie rose sauce



Baked Goats Cheese  (V) €7.50


Goats cheese baked on a rich tomato sauce with toasted pitta.



Duck Spring Rolls €7.50


 Deep fried duck rolls with a hoisin dipping sauce on a crunchy cucumber, coriander and sesame seed salad



Vegetarian Spring Rolls €7.50


Deep fried vegetable rolls with a hoisin dipping sauce on a crunchy cucumber,

coriander and sesame seed salad.



Walnut Encrusted Feta  (V) €7.50


Classic Greek cheese, rolled in walnuts and served on a salad of mixed leaves and roasted beetroot with sticky apple jam



Rare Roast Beef Salad €8.00


Thinly sliced rare beef with an English mustard dressing served on potato salad, rocket, sun dried tomatoes and olives


Grilled Chili Octopus €7.50


Tender grilled octopus on a crisp salad with a sweet chili sauce



Pan Seared Scallops €8.00


Seared Scallops served over a warm bacon and Parmesan cream sauce and garnished with chopped chives.



Garlic Mushrooms on Bruschette  (V) €7.50


Porcini and Portobello mushrooms cooked with garlic and parsley on toasted pesto bruschette and garnished with roasted cherry tomatoes



Chicken Satay Skewers €7.50


Marinated strips of chicken grilled over a high heat with creamy peanut sauce and crunchy carrot salad



Seafood Salad €8.00


Sautéed baby octopus, squid and prawns flamed in Ouzo with garlic, chili and parsley




Trio of Fishcakes €7.50


 A smoked salmon with yoghurt and dill, a crab with pea and mint and a Thai style

fishcake with coconut and sweet chili dressing








Fillet Steak - €23.00


Tender fillet steak grilled to your requirement accompanied with dauphinoise potatoes and seasonal vegetables with a sauce of your choice.

Mushroom, Pepper, Blue Cheese or Chilli Jam.



Glazed Sea Bass - €17.00


Soy and balsamic glazed sea bass with pickled ginger, stir fried green vegetables with oyster sauce and rice noodles



Seared Duck Breast - €23.00


Duck breast with port and cherry sauce served with potato rosti and creamed leeks



Chicken Breast Supreme - €16.00


Pan fried chicken with a creamy Tarragon sauce served with Saute' potatoes, buttered green beans and roasted cherry tomatoes



Chargrilled Lamb Cutlets - €19.00


Chili marinated lamb cutlets, chargrilled and served with roast new potatoes with rosemary,

accompanied with seasonal vegetables and red wine jus



Sesamé Seed Crusted Salmon - €17.50


With homemade lemon tagliatelle and roasted pepper sauce



 Pork Fillet - €15.50


Fillet of pork coated with sesame seeds, served on basil and mint rice noodles and accompanied with stir fried vegetables



Seafood Tagliatelle - €15.50


Sautéed squid, prawns and salmon in a chili infused tomato sauce



Fresh Beetroot Ravioli  (V) - €11.00  


 Homemade ravioli filled with Marscaponi, hazelnuts and chives drizzled with a light Pesto dressing.



Chargrilled Vegetable and Halloumi Platter  (V) - €10.50  


Seasonal summer vegetables topped with grilled hallumi cheese with a honey and mustard dressing



Blue Cheese and Chili Jam Tart (V) - €11.00  


Pam's chili jam tart with new potatoes and salad







Complete your meal with one of our delicious homemade desserts - €7.00



Créme Brúlée


A choice of Your classic dish infused with wild berries or la orange

The créme de la créme



Lemon Tart


Served with fresh cream - oh so tarte áu citron



Dark Chocolate Mousse


A light smooth chocolate brandy infused mousse,

 airy and delicious. - A chocoholics delight!



Classic Seasonal Fruit Cheesecake


If your feeling a bit fruity, try our lovely seasonal cheesecake

to end a wonderful evening.



Pam Goes Bananas!


Homemade banana ice cream, spiced banana fritter and banana & chocolate tart



Homemade Ice Cream


Try this to cool you on a hot summers night. Served with a smile



Chefs Medley for 2 - €14.00


If you can't decide on one of the individual dishes above,

let our chef choose a selection of our tantalizing dishes, all on one plate

for a romantic sharing to complete your evening



Cheese Platter with Port 

(€7.00 for one person €12.00 for two)


If you are looking for a more savoury taste to end you perfect evening

try our selection of cheeses





Coffee and Liqueurs


Espresso Coffee - €2.50 or double shot - €4.00


Filter Coffee - €3.00



Liqueur Coffee - €7.00


Enjoy a liqueur coffee of your choice




Tia Maria




Also Wine Selection As Per Menu






Information and reservations contact


00(30) 24270 21877


00(30) 697 188 4249


or you can email pam